"Unless the Vision is clear, the Mission cannot be pegged; and Unless the mission is pegged, the Passion of action and achievement cannot be ensured". We at NITMS try and ensure that the students who enroll with us achieve the best and get the best in the industry.


Welcome you all aspirants…

I welcome you on behalf of the NITMS and thank you for showing your interest in us. NITMS is a impart excellence in management education, research, and managerial training.
From Director's Desk :

For a management institute it is imperative to be prepared for the changing environment while teaching its students to do the same. In an era that has come to become the epitome of competition, B-schools face the very pressures that they prepare their graduates for. The pressures of performance and quality apply to B-schools too like never before and the skillful handling of these very pressure makes the NITMS stand out of the crowd.

NITMS Director